06 January 2013

#78. Anvir Task Manager Returns

Welcome back, diners. I'm sure you'll be as delighted as I was to get the new version of Anvir Task Manager at giveawayoftheday.com (today only).

I have previously praised Anvir in post 57. Anvir makes it easy to control which programs start up with your computer, and can even delay program start-ups. It also alerts you when a program tries to insert itself into the startup process. It gives complete control over running applications, processes, and services, and monitors your computer's performance. And it provides valuable information about many programs so you can evaluate their safety and usefulness. I recommend it highly.

If you miss the giveaway of the day, you can get the still very capable free version of Anvir at http://www.anvir.com. You'll also get full details on all their products there.