30 August 2011

#77. Beware of Uploadingit.com!

Dear readers, I feel obligated to rouse myself to warn you of a dangerous and deceptive Web service, Uploadingit.com. It provides massive cloud storage for your files (10 GB for a free account, and even more for competitively-priced paid accounts). It shows a reasonably friendly interface and offers a good range of services. There are many other Web services that are similar, and I suggest you try them first.

So what's the problem with Uploadingit? Just that it deletes all your files if you do not log in for 30 days. I learned about this policy the hard way, having lost several gigabytes of valuable files.

It is absurd to expect users to log in every 30 or fewer days, and even more absurd to think that users would expect such a restriction. This idiotic policy is not publicized on the Uploadingit Web site. It does not even appear in the Terms of Service, though it should be announced and emphasized instead. Such a policy is an invitation to a lawsuit.

Even worse, Uploadingit did not send me any email reminder to log in. With such a strict policy, I certainly would expect to receive reminders of impending deletion, to give me a chance to retain my files.

Customer support? What's that? My emails for technical support, after discovering my files were missing, were never answered.

I also was shocked at the arrogant, uncaring attitude evident in the administrator's reply on the Uploadingt forum to another user who lost files. The admin showed no understanding of how users might want to use the service, nor any concern for proper customer relations. He also demonstrated ignorance of how similar services work. For example, I just checked the terms at two similar services: ADrive says it does not expire nor delete any confirmed accounts or user files; Humyo only deletes files if there is no activity in 90 days and the user fails to respond to two reminder emails.

Shortly after I posted my complaint on the Uploadingit forum, the administrator replied quickly and thoroughly, to his credit, but defensively. He bravely attempted to justify the 30-day deletion policy with lame excuses. He also pointed out that it is explained in the site's FAQ and knowledge base; I had not seen it, but why is such a dangerous limitation buried there anyway? And he claimed to have sent me four warning emails, but I never received any.

Loyal readers, I apologize for writing a negative post about a bad service, in contrast to my usual upbeat posts in which I share my discoveries of great software and Web services. I hope I can return to you with more positive reviews and recommendations soon. Meanwhile, feel free to share your thoughts by clicking on “comments” below or writing to jonathanstoolbar@gmail.com.


  1. Backup, Backup, Backup and Backup again. Oh did I mention Backup Jonathan.

    One sacred Rule about files is never, ever Backup your files LESS than three times.

    And yes I know that means you have 4 copies of everything.

    which should be a Backup on a second Hard Drive internally on your own PC, a Backup on an external Hard Drive physically right next to your own PC, a copy burned to DVD (preferably non-rewritable) and finally a Backup on a friend's PC or external Hard Drive.

    Then if you save your files to the Cloud where in reality you will have absolutely no control whatsoever over them at all it will be the 5th copy.

    But not the last because if you are saving to the Cloud then you need to do it again somewhere else where the servers are preferably on a different continent to the 5th copy to beat natural disasters, insurrection and uppity webmasters who think they have a God given right to do what they like with your important digital paperwork etcetera.

    And I bet most people reading this are probably saying "That guy's Nuts!", but the successfull but not necessarily clever investors and moneymakers don't put all their valuable nest eggs in one basket either

    Oh no! They spread it all over the place securely deposited in several, if not many, different accounts and portfolios.

    Anyway my commiserations to you Jonathan and my gratitude for confirming my expectations about the current overabundance of Quick Start Cloud storage Cowboys that are in it for a quick buck now so they can retire early not later.

    Also don't feel bad about sharing the rubbish that happened to you 'cos reading this might just turn out to be the beginnings of the accumulation of a Treasure Trove for someone else.....

    Yours respectfully

    Starlight Dreamwalker

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    Once again when comes Good Morn,
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    So have faith in yourself, and reach for the Sky,
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    And you're the One who makes them come true.

    StarLight Dreamwalker

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  2. I couldn't agree more with most of your comments. Although I haven't had any files deleted, I am astonished at the lack of "help" a.k.a. Customer Service. I no sooner spent $ to upgrade to allow larger file uploads and this stupid site has been down, more than it's up! last week, it was down 3 days. So far this week, today being Thursday, Uploadingit.com has been down since Sunday! Ridiculous! You can't find any phone#'s to call and email is tech support, which, how can u have when the site is down. I'm moving my stuff off, they can keep the $ I just spent as lesson learned! Horrible Horrible service

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